Mike Sullivan, Russian Circles / Adam Gasson / adam@adamgasson.com

Mike Sullivan, Russian Circles

Russian Circles’ guitarist Mike Sullivan shot for this month’s Total Guitar. I’m not a fan of church / graveyard shoots but thankfully this didn’t end up cliched (and made a really nice DPS opener on the feature). Click on for the lighting setup…

Lit with two Alien Bee 800s, powered with a mini Vagabond. Main light into a large 86″ parabolic umbrella, second light bare (camera right). I wasn’t looking for a real heavily lit shot and tried keeping it subtle (whilst still loosing the background a bit). The large brolly is great for this, nice big light source and, if it’s far enough away, soft enough for directional use. The mini Vagabond is great and allows for quick setup and movement between shots – we did two lit setups and two natural light setups.

Photo by Adam Gasson / www.threesongsnoflash.net

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