Steve Cradock at Deep Litter Studios, Start Point, Devon /

Steve Cradock

Steve Cradock’s a bit of a hero of mine, I’ve been a Ocean Colour Scene fan since I was a kid. I got to photograph him (and drive a slightly pished writer) in deepest Devon at the Deep Litter Studios for Total Guitar.

The studio, which is an old barn with little conversion, was amazing and was as much a part of the feature as the interview with Steve. I wanted to keep the barn as part of the shot, which being pretty dark meant the studio light had to be dialled right down. I ended up using a single light boomed over Steve with a couple of speedlites to pick up the walls of the background.

Steve was cool and slightly obsessed with his new purple suede boots (which he rightfully wanted photographed in their own right). His solo material is every bit as good as OCS so check it out if you’re a fan.

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